Sunday, 20 November 2011

Pro Line - not really an option for the "Real Pro"

So, here I am watching another pro line ticket go down the drain! A near certainty I presumed, simple, 3 home teams at heavily favored odds to get me an easy $150.

Let's have a closer look at this, my picks were:-

New York Giants 1.7
Tottenham 1.4
New England Patriots 1.05

3 victories = 2.5 = $250 for my $100

Then I went to my English bookie William Hill to see what they were offering-

New York Giants 1.9
Tottenham 1.53
New England Patriots 1.07

3 victories = 2.99 = $299 for my $100

Wow, a difference of $49 I hear you say!

But hold on a minute, with my pro line wager my "football teams" need to win by at least 4 points to avoid the game being settled as a Tie (I lose) how much is that little 'stipulation' worth to a "pro punter" - by the way my English 'bookie' William Hill are kinda happy with me just picking the winner, no 4 point stipulation here! If my team wins by 1 point, I win!!

Tonight as I watch the New York Giants fail miserably, was the night I placed my LAST "pro line" wager.

I am sure the same benefits would be afforded to me at, (to name but a few) Sports Interaction- Bodog- Bet365.

Is it worth the convenience of being able to wager at a 7-11 or gas store when we are so plainly being hosed when it comes to the odds and rules involved?

Your thoughts people?


  1. Thanks a lot Scotty, great thoughts this week my friend, keep up the good work!

  2. Well, It's all good till you are going for the winning team. I hope to win the next bet, I make on them.

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