Wednesday 16 May 2012

Life at the Elbow

Imagine going to work every morning with a smile on your face, imagine looking forward to seeing your colleagues and as weird as it may seem or sound- the bosses! What, where is this utopia of which you write- this ladies and gentlemen is the Elbow River Casino and this ain't no sponging either - life really is this good!
How can it be ? Well, the main man on campus regardless of retirement will continue to be the icon- Sam Switzer - sit with him for just 5 minutes and you will be amazed at how sharp he still is- he doesn't miss a trick and it is great to just visit and see how much he enjoys 'popping' in to see all his friends and the employees that have brought him so much joy over the years.

How many of you out there get a chance to 'podcast' with the boss and give him heck without worrying what your gonna get when he is done with you ;) have a listen to one of our podcasts online at

Kevin Booth (general manager) with over xx years of casino and management experience typifies everything that we have been trying to achieve with the culture that we have worked so hard to grow. Fun!

I would encourage anybody out there who is presently looking for a new challenge in a fun, fast paced environment- pop in - fill out an application form and come see why nobody wants to leave and why we are Calgary's #1 entertainment destination.

Come see how awesome it is to actually want to come to work!!

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Calgary Flames Fans

Wow, being from the UK and supporting a team (soccer) that always win, i'm having a little trouble workibg out why you stay so loyal. The team is hard to comprehend- they are not good but somehow are still in the playoff hunt- they don't seem to care as much as the fans- why is this?
I listen intentally to the Fan960 - you are not happy- you are angry about the lack of ambition but yet fill the saddledome over and over- why is this?
Tonight sees the arrival of the villified Darryl Sutter and his Los Angeles Kings - this game being the be all and end all of the playoffs- why is this?
Shouldn't they already be in the playoffs with a goalie like Kipper? I dread to think what will happen if the flames lose (my money is on L.A) - hit me back with why you think that mediocre is acceptable in this great hockey loving city- im gonna podcast about this tomorrow! Let's go Kings :)

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Podcasting... Who'd have thought!

Well, are we thing the casino into the 21st century, it shows how times are changing- just a short space of time ago (within the last 5 years) something like this was so alien to the industry, whoever would have thought of using a medium such as interviewing or just plainly a bit of fun to show a brighter side to the casino- gone are the days I the mafia inspired dark day videos of old school las Vegas to the new and improved updated, friendly entertainment centric experience that we are proud to offer- with the help from our friends at Yuk Yuks we have had a bit of fun with interviewing our good friend Lori Gibbs- I invite you to head over to the ERC website and enjoy some of our previously recorder podcasts.
Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts!

Sunday 8 January 2012

Podcasting -really?

And look how we have evolved, one minute I was writing pro line picks that nobody won with to the next becoming the 'Larry King' of Calgary - what a change a couple of weeks can bring- why would you podcast I hear you say... Well in our continuing efforts to bring you something new (also something that our competitors would find difficult to replicate) we identified this genre as being something that nobody in the calgary casino industry had yet explored- we are very fortunate in that we house the comedy club Yuk Yuks so for me, I always have some kind of fodder to feed off!
We have had a lot of fun (we being, yours truly, executive producer- Dexter Deus and associate producer -Jeff Maystruck) and will be continuing for a little while yet!
Visit our website at and click on the podcast link on the home page- here's hoping that you stop on by and spend a little time listening to us trying to have a bit of fun!
Happy New Year folks!