Sunday 8 January 2012

Podcasting -really?

And look how we have evolved, one minute I was writing pro line picks that nobody won with to the next becoming the 'Larry King' of Calgary - what a change a couple of weeks can bring- why would you podcast I hear you say... Well in our continuing efforts to bring you something new (also something that our competitors would find difficult to replicate) we identified this genre as being something that nobody in the calgary casino industry had yet explored- we are very fortunate in that we house the comedy club Yuk Yuks so for me, I always have some kind of fodder to feed off!
We have had a lot of fun (we being, yours truly, executive producer- Dexter Deus and associate producer -Jeff Maystruck) and will be continuing for a little while yet!
Visit our website at and click on the podcast link on the home page- here's hoping that you stop on by and spend a little time listening to us trying to have a bit of fun!
Happy New Year folks!