Wednesday 28 March 2012

Calgary Flames Fans

Wow, being from the UK and supporting a team (soccer) that always win, i'm having a little trouble workibg out why you stay so loyal. The team is hard to comprehend- they are not good but somehow are still in the playoff hunt- they don't seem to care as much as the fans- why is this?
I listen intentally to the Fan960 - you are not happy- you are angry about the lack of ambition but yet fill the saddledome over and over- why is this?
Tonight sees the arrival of the villified Darryl Sutter and his Los Angeles Kings - this game being the be all and end all of the playoffs- why is this?
Shouldn't they already be in the playoffs with a goalie like Kipper? I dread to think what will happen if the flames lose (my money is on L.A) - hit me back with why you think that mediocre is acceptable in this great hockey loving city- im gonna podcast about this tomorrow! Let's go Kings :)