Friday, 4 November 2011

Snow... Jog On !!

So, how was that for you this morning , A regular leisurely 20 minute drive turned into a crazy 1hr 20 minute episode of Fast and Furious -Calgary

Today see's the start of the breeders cup weekend here at the elbow river casino, what is the breeders cup I hear you say? Well, if you are saying that, close the browser, I don't want you reading on as it is going to be a horse racing inspired 5 minutes!

Over in Louisville, Kentucky (cue the music from deliverance) today starts 2 days of pure unadulterated horse racing heaven for yours truly, I sold my kidney on Ebay earlier this week to have enough funds to participate...I mean who needs 2 kidneys eh?

We are going to take a weekend hiatus from the pro line picks on the English soccer as I suck
terribly! really horribly! We cannot win, and so, I will not inflict more pain your way!

I will be throwing tweets out all day with the horses to follow at the Breeders Cup so if you are passing by down-town pop in and see what this spectacle is all about. The room is already packed to capacity and we are getting into the swing of things! Lovely Jubbly!

For those of you visiting the blog- You can catch our tweets at @elbowcasino

Look forward to chatting with ya!!


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