Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Possibly the worst weekend ever...

Sorry, but did anybody see that coming? My beloved Man United beaten to a pulp and I mean pulp by our sworn enemy Manchester City, let's put this into perspective for you my friendly Canadian brethren, this would be like the calgary flames getting beaten by Vancouver !! Oh hang on, that happens a lot, hmm maybe Calgary Stampeders getting beat by the Edmonton Eskimos...oh hang on, that happens a lot also ... Jeez!! This could be harder that I thought! Oh yeah guess what happened with the pro line picks.. 2 out of 3 surprise surprise!
So, what now, when will the pain end, when will the pro line gods smile down on us, when will the cash start rolling in? Surely anytime now, stay strong folks do not lose faith in the game.

Yet still I am receiving mixed messages from people who think that I am too hard on Wigan, you think I have been too harsh in isolating the fat people... Have you been there? There is nothing isolated in Wigan except the salad bar !

Anyways enough of the frivolity, onto the money making 2/3 machine.

At time of writing, the wonderful lottery folks at the wclc (the most crooked organization by the way when it comes to odds compiling- I'll break it down next week) have yet to have the soccer sheet available for Saturdays game, so it's gonna be a wonderful surprise when you hit the gas station or CASINO to place your bet-
Saturday -

Everton vs Manchester United

4 seasons have passed since we have a win at Goodison Park, but Everton have lost a great deal of talent over those 4 seasons and will struggle against a wounded Man Utd squad intent on forgetting the Man City debacle ASAP. In the last 4 games we have seen 14 goals so don't expect a boring stalemate here! It's a 5am kick off over here so get up early and enjoy the red devils winning!
Verdict - Away Win

Chelsea vs Arsenal

Arsenal are without a win away from home in their last 8 games, do not expect that to end at Stamford Brdge-
Arsenal have looked very vulnerable t the back whilst Fernando Torres appears to have found his scoring boots, this could be a bad game for the gooners.
Verdict - Home win

Wigan vs Fulham

Well, what do you expect?? Well think again, we are siding with the worst team in the league against one of the worst traveling teams in the league. Wigan surely have to be bet here, Fulham are shocking on the road an whilst tempted with the tie am going to side with the fatty's with no teeth!!
Wigan will be great value and should be bet!
Verdict - Home Win

Good luck you crazy kids!! Lump on !! $$$$$$$$

Disclaimer against bad grammar and spelling as I type this on my iPhone which does not understand my english dialect! :)


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