Thursday, 13 October 2011

Damn you meatloaf...

Not the food (which by the way and whilst we are on the subject is not a true top 5 favorite of mine) I am of course referring to the big fat 1980's rock star who penned the wonderfully catchy 2 out of 3 ain't bad!!
Well fatty, it isn't very good either, we have posted 3 pick em blogs to date And each week we have the unfortunate 2 out of 3 last week we fell victim to the worst display of ball handling since Jenna Jameson in 'dirty nurse' (or so I'm told by a friend who watched it....)
So down $60 we found ourselves in a little spot of bother wondering where this weekend will take us!
I am going to try and find some solace in the English soccer again after our Philadelphia meltdown the NFL can wait for a couple of weeks! lots of big games this weekend and None bigger than the 5.45am feast on Saturday when my beloved Manchester United venture into one of the stinkiest horrible towns in the UK (no, not Wigan this time) but our scouser neighbors Liverpool, this doesn't take much in depth profiling, it is kinda simple...they suck and we don't !! Visitor win at 2.0
Next up we are going with the home of the world famous oatcakes (google it) Stoke - where men are men and sheep are scared!! They are very tough to beat at home, almost as tough as they are to understand!! And they are taking on fulham, who travel as well as I do (2 packets of gravol) confident home win.
Last but not least let's take the money laden Q.P.R at home to Blackburn, huge expectations at QPR after a huge spending spree prior to the transfer window closing, the new additions seem to be setting in well and all augurs well for a uneventful season
Free of the worry of a relegation dogfight! Get on em at home against a poor Blackburn side who's boss Steve Kean could be out of a job by Noon on Saturday!!- home win.

So, here we have it-

80- visitor 2.10
83- home 1.9
84-home 1.75

$20 investment returns $139.60. Presently -$60

Good luck to all!! :)


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