Sunday, 30 October 2011

Maybe the Mayans are right ...

The world is about to end.... And here I am worrying about a pro line nightmare from hell... Truth is I think I'm on the block.. I'm like the Henry Burris of the Elbow River Casino. Old faithful who has been a little gun shy recently, I could get away with the old 2/3 every week but surely not a 1/3 oh dear, I can hear them now, sharpening there pencils as the thought of the blog being up for grabs becomes more than a pipe-dream!

So, what do we do, where do we start, can I ever forgive myself for picking the worst team (aside from Blackburn. Who are woeful) and letting your hard earned cash go up on smoke. Yep I can so onwards and upwards we go!

Quit sniveling losers, smell the coffee, get your pencils sharpened ready for the weekend!

This weekend sees one of the biggest weekends of the year at the casino as we host the Breeders cup in our off track betting room, the top horses from around the world merge in Kentucky at Churchill Downs and over a period of 2 days, dreams can indeed come true, huge money on offer and lots of gambling enjoyment to be had with the ponies. Come on down it should be a ton of fun!

Off topic, have you ever met a Mayan? You'd think they would be everywhere wouldn't ya, moaning about the world ending, wish I knew one who had money or a nice car, just to make a deal with him prior to the date with our destiny

Me- Hello Mr Mayan
Him- alrite
Me- so the worlds ending soon then?
Him- yep
Me- is that an Audi you drive?
Him- yep
Me- i'll give you 20 bucks for it
Him- 20 bucks for an Audi, are you mad?
Me- well, I thought you said the world was gonna end, what do you need an Audi for? Unless you were telling fibs?
Him- sold

*i think it sounds better if the role of me is played in the voice of Sean Connery and the voice of the mayan by Morgan Freeman ... Just my thoughts!!

I'll be back with pro line picks on Friday


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